You'll see why, but don't die now, you're almost there. The route planner will try to find waypoints every 1.000ly or so, based on the best range provided by your max jump range. Planet: 4e As a freelancer, you can weight into my work more than you can think, By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Coords: 27.02, 80.59. The exploration data for these types of planets is valuable and can help a commander acquire some credits. You can read how cookies are used on this site, in our. What do I have to do, because I haven't the slightest idea. Galactic Mapping >. Plot your route through multiple way-points and let our algorithm find the fastest route for you . I would simply like advise for my situation and for future referenced to use as a tool. Today, I got a 26 million CR mission to transport people to a system some 6,500ly away. Better to remember your trip for all that stuff then remember endless jumps to get 20mill credits. Luckily, I could boost, otherwise I'd been dead space meat. It breaks the trip up perfectly. Oct 16, 2016. It was originally only 750 during most of 3302, consisting of the crew of the station itself. Ship Builds. The route planner will try to find waypoints every 1.000ly or so, based on the best range provided by your max jump range. vertical-align: middle; Forum. Some vendors may process your personal data on the basis of legitimate interest, which you can reject by disabling them below; Around 9:40pm last night I completed the last part of my Colonia trip. By plotting a route like going anywhere else? The structure is mostly pretty clear. Try not to get blown into space. This is a fairly long trip (for some, at least), so be sure to look out for stations when you can to make sure you have repaired and your paint job isn't too dusty. This final run was between Polo Harbour to Jaques Station, which lasted around two and half hours. Select K,G,B,F,O,A, and M" stars. You will not need to manually plot the jumps. Think they're just naming them whatever by now, don't you? Visiting the planetary nebula NGC 6751, called Olympus Plateau. After 2.2 releases Im heading back out to Jaques, and Ill be visiting each of these along the way just to check them out! Also good to know you don't have to be online while you are travelling on Fleet Carrier. Currently, I have maybe two jumps left in fuel and still have 300 jumps to go. Visiting the Stellar Bowtie. I also found some systems with 2 stars very close to each other.. is that even possible? Built those fast even npcs in the system I guess it's only a matter of time until the pirates appear Ah, good to see they're actually in the game right now. Become a Patron! Become a Patron! Good, all sounds excellent. Wow, that was fast. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! On September 15, 3302, Latugara PLC, an independent organisation based out of the Latugara system, announced plans to construct a series of resupply outposts called the Colonia Connection between the Core Systems and the Colonia Region, where the missing Jaques Station was located three months earlier and a burgeoning new community was beginning to form. EDSM Elite Dangerous Star Map. GitHub Issues tracker pizza nostra karen gravano closed; what does the la choy symbol mean; mergest kingdom dragons den; bahnhof apotheke versand The Colonia system is exactly 22,000.46 ly away from Sol. Last edited: Oct 16, 2016. william lupo obituary elite dangerous colonia route planner. Hillary Depot Blu Thua AI-A c14-10, planet A 4A, Amundsen Terminal Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10, planet 1, Eagle's Landing Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117, planet 2 A, Sacaqawea Space Port Skaudai CH-B d14-34, planet 1 A, Gagarin Gate Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31, planet 4, Polo Harbour Boewnst KS-S c20-959, planet A 2 A, It will also let you know when you should gather more fuel. Visiting some water geysers at: With neutron boosting it comes down to 184 trips to the galaxy map (roughly . Logging some of the POI's on a route between the bubble, starting near Sol, and Colonia, Jacques Station. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. So are we saying that most of these new outposts are an interdiction risk? Visiting a Magnetar, a subclass of neutron stars that have incredibly strong magnetic fields. Expeditions . elite dangerous colonia route planner on elite dangerous colonia route planner Posted in mama box wochenbett essen By Posted on June 2, 2022 return t; [10][11] The third phase began on January 6, 3308, and constructed six Ocellus starports that were deployed on January 28. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. There are stations near some of the nebula waypoints. Why this system in particular? t._e.push(f); Is there any kind of software or website that would allow me to better plan trips using a database for long voyages? For more information, please see our All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. So the neturon highway is the way to go. window.twttr = (function(d, s, id) { Planet: 1 B They did this to make the trip less daunting. All your Elite Dangerous Tools and guides in one place. You must log in or register to reply here. GalNet: Community Goal: The Colonia Connection, GalNet: Location of Colonia Outposts Announced, GalNet: Community Goal: The Path to Colonia, GalNet: Galactic News: Chapterhouse Campaign Concludes, r/EliteDangerous: First Chapterhouse CG Stations in Rohini are now under construction, GalNet: Twin Initiatives for Colonia Bridge Project, GalNet: Colonia Bridge Project Receives Deliveries, GalNet: Initial Stage of Colonia Bridge Operational, GalNet: Colonia Bridge Project Enters Phase Two, GalNet: Colonia Bridge Gains Further Resources, GalNet: Colonia Bridge Project Launches Phase Three, GalNet: Materials Delivered for Colonia Bridge Starports, GalNet: New Starports Created for Colonia Bridge, GalNet: Colonia Bridge Reaches Completion. I would like to check it out. Don't only jump and fuel. The Colonia Connection Highway is a network of Starports, Outposts, Surface Ports, and Megaships that stretches across 22,000 light-years to connect the Core Systems to the distant Colonia Region, home of the famed Colonia system and Jaques Station. All rights reserved. Elite Dangerous First check-point reached. You can also download the list of populated high-value systems separately. For each planet, the distance from jump point is indicated in brackets. Single Route Finder for Elite: Dangerous - Find the best trade route! What does it do? Visiting the World of Death. There is nothing around in ED that shows you how to do such. Discord I found a system with 89 bodies and took 2 days to map all of it. Your personal data may be processed and stored by, accessed by and shared with third party vendors. With a ship fitted for long range it can be done in 4 to 6 hours, I've heard of some people getting it down near 3 but that's with a ship built to break that record and that ship has almost no useful gear one would normally take exploring, I personally have made the trip in around 5 hours before in a 73 ly DBX but that's without scanning any systems, scanning, that goes up to more like 5 days (playing only at night after work), I've done the trip in a combat ready 30 ly Phantom as well so its doable, it just takes time. Clearly, I was not properly prepared for this trip. Obligatory "how are you flying an Anaconda without knowing how to travel long distances" post. You'd need an AFMU to repair modules. I am not looking for suggestions of just getting a better ship. }; I have no info on the systems around me, so it would be nice to have a database of which info can be found (thanks to all you wonderful explorers out there) so I won't make a jump into a system and get stuck there due to a lack of fuel. This Loop Route Finder finds the best roundtrips (A -> B -> A) across the universe. Wow, these are in the game already? I feel quite foolish. A permanent planetary outpost, Colonia Hub, was constructed in the system on September 9, 3302 as the headquarters of the Colonia Council, marking the beginning of human colonization of the Colonia Nebula and wider Colonia Region. 48. r/EliteDangerous. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America),,, Cookie Notice Colonia's original designation was Eol Prou RS-T d3-94. Since June 28, 3304, multiple Bulk Cruiser Megaships have also been spotted traveling the Colonia Connection, jumping to a new destination on their flight plans each week. It was the global reward for a community goal. This program was created for the game Elite:Dangerous to plot an exploration route starting from any system within 1,000 light years from Sol. I am very happy for you being on this grand journey. On September 15, 3302, Latugara PLC, an independent organisation based out of the Latugara system, announced plans to construct a series of . t._e = []; I have yet to find out why. Die Enigma-Expedition mit fast 600 Schiffen . Travel at a pace you enjoy. Codex ; Records. Since Jaques Station's rediscovery and the settlement of the Colonia Region, a number of independent outposts, mainly Asteroid Bases and Detention Centres, have been established between there and the Core Systems. You are using an out of date browser. These ships include Freedom Class Survey Vessel CTC-023, Freedom Class Survey Vessel PNF-542, Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship NLS-088, James Class Bulk Cargo Ship LNP-723, James Class Bulk Cargo Ship VKN-091, Naphtha Class Tanker MAL-086, and Sagan Class Tourist Ship TLS-051. But the issue I have run into is that I mainly come across brown dwarf stars and can't refuel from there. t._e = []; So Im a new player, less than 7 days playing and I like this game. I found a cluster of like 200 neutrons. .twitter-follow-button { t = window.twttr || {}; Jaques Station is around 4.7k ly from Polo Harbour. } I'm doing long distance passenger runs and the multimillion credit ones are beyond the 1,000ly limit. Select "star type" from the filter. So last night I started the long trip to Colonia. I've tried looking in the search menu and Google and nothing comes up. Elite Dangerous Scenic Route Finder v1.3.0. Whenever you plot it the most i can get for max jump range without a netruon star is 112Ly per jump with the lvl 3 boost thing for said jump. [3], On August 24, 3303, the Kamadhenu Chapterhouse of Inquisition announced plans to establish three starports between the Core Systems and Colonia, along with the creation of a freight and passenger transportation service known as the Blue Star Line. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The Colonia Connection Route Map : Outpost Locations : Each outpost has repair facilities as well as a Universal Cartographics, so those returning from the core regions needn't travel all the way to the bubble to cash in their exploration data from now on. My ship has a 29 jump range I dont know if this is good , decent, or just bad for this journey. I thought I could "land" on it and see fish species or some kind of Almirant Ackbar humanoids but no, you cant even "land" on it after fully scanning superficie, etc. Billionaires Boulevard; Engineering-Unlock . return t; .twitter-follow-button { Nice to see all the hundreds of tons I transported to Love Orbital have found their use. The result will show you every system you need to route to. The route I took to Colonia can be found on the Galactic Mapping Project website here; Neutron stars in the Neutron Highway along the route can be fuel scooped for FSD Supercharging, reducing overall travel times significantly. Visiting the Wind Chime Nebula. make sure you're jumping the maximum distance every time.