Double lock panels perform better; plus, there is less chance for panels to come unseamed. Learn More. This seam helps provide additional rigidity and support, making a standing seam metal roof a favorite of both residential and commercial applications. Note: Never buy low-cost metal panels finished with acrylic or polyester only paint finish for residential applications. A true standing seam system uses the concealed fastener method of installation, meaning the clips and fasteners are hidden beneath the surface and not visible to the naked eye. is a snap-together standing seam system that features a 1 seam and is installed with concealed clips. Training & Certification Cornerstone Building Brands takes pride in ensuring that our employees and customers have access to the practical tools and essential product knowledge they need to stay competitive. Our new two-day only format course combines classroom lectures with hands-on installation training for SSR Systems enabling you to: Ultra-Dek / Double-Lok / BattenLok HS / SuperLok / LokSeam / Craftsman-HB. Snap Lock Standing Seam Cost. They are considered Hydrostatic, which means they can keep buildings watertight even when they are submerged underwater for brief periods of time. Standing seam roofs can also help improve the overall energy efficiency of a house, as well as help prevent ice dams during the winter months. A full standing seam metal roof installation ranges from $18,000 to 41,000, including the materials, labor costs, and installation fee. On-site rollforming of the metal coil to form panels, Appropriately spacing clips on the seam per the manufacturers requirements, Fastening the clips down to the roof deck, For snap-lock systems: Aligning the panels and snapping the legs together, For mechanical seamed systems: Aligning the panels and hand-seaming or mechanically seaming the panel legs together, Making any necessary slits in the metal to account for roof plans, geometry, flashings, and other items, A broad, flat area between the vertical legs, A seam that stands above the flat of the panel. Some people see fastener heads as unsightly, so using a standing seam system to hide them is common. Our Certified Installer Training program offers a two-day certification course that includes classroom and hands-on training for Ultra-Dek, Double-Lok, SuperLok, BattenLok HS, LokSeam and Craftsman HB Series products. The main idea for standing seam systems is that the fastener is hidden, whether the panel isattached to the roof deck using a clipor is directly fastened to the decking material under the vertical leg (fastener flange). However, its not always the highest price, as metal shingles and other stamped metal materials tend to come in at a higher cost. However, how much do you know about standing seam metal roofing? Interlock Roofing serves North America with ten distribution centers spread across Canada and the United States. Commercial use or copying of any part of this site is prohibited. As panel options have grown, however, it is common to see clipless panels included in this product family. We can also match virtually any custom color to suit any project. Medallion-Lok is an excellent choice for larger, custom homes. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The objective of McElroy Metal's Standing Seam Installer Training is that participants gain an understanding of metal roofing theory and application procedures. As the name implies, vertical leg panels have a vertical leg at the connection of the male/female leg. Exposure to extreme temperature swings and contamination from dirt and other foreign materials can cause problems during installation and the seaming operation. For mechanical standing seam profile price starts from $10 per square foot for material and labor. Are you saying that if you are closer to salt spray it is recommended to use the mill finish steel instead of Kynar 500 painted sheets? Once the legs are properly engaged, pressure is applied and the panels snap together to complete the installation sequence. Some panel styles in this family have load carrying capability, others do not. With no need for clips, Meridian panels are simply attached to the roof deck with pancake head fasteners. Ultimately, we realize that when our customers have a sound understanding of our products and their applications, their proficiency will increase and they will install roof systems more timely and accurately. Revit 2020: Essential Training for Architecture (Metric) See all courses MBCI also provides courses for insulated metal panel installation training. I noticed that a lot of sites covering standing seam roofs seem to dance around the question of rust over time. Specialty Panels - Shingles/Tiles/Stone Coated, Everything You Need to Know About Metal Roofing. With no need for clips, Meridian panels are simply attached to the roof deck with pancake head fasteners. MBCI 2023, Part of the Cornerstone Building Brands Inc. Installer Certification Program Metal Roofing Project Resume, Installer Certification Program Checklist, Standing Seam Roof Installation Certification Class, Become part of our national installer database, Get helpful tips to improve the speed and effectiveness of installation, Learn how to avoid and correct common pitfalls and troubleshoot roof situations which are prone to leaks, Identify and install special roof transitions outside the standard eave, rake, ridge and gable conditions, Avoid or address conditions where materials can impact roof longevity, Identify the impact of different roof insulation systems on a SSR System and what to consider prior to installation, Learn how to properly seam roof sheeting and troubleshoot incorrect seaming, Receive an Installer Certification for the SSR system profiles covered in the class which stays with you no matter what company you work for and can be used nationwide, Proof of general liability insurance and workmans comp insurance. If you go with aluminum and your roof happens to have a rather large span (longer than 20 feet on each side of the ridge), then I suggest you go with the thickest possible metal panels, whether aluminum, galvalume steel, copper or zinc. In addition to the sleek, straight lines these panel systems offer, the metal can come in virtually any color, including custom colors, to match your structure. One of the biggest benefits of standing seam roofing is the hidden . Watch Roof Deck Tolerances. Unlike lap seam or other exposed fastener panels available at big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes, standing seam panels are not as wide as these counterparts, as doing so would impact the performance. Fastener/nail flange metal roofs are not the best performing systems and often lack engineering. In person only. In most cases, Galvalume steel will outperform G-90 (galvanized) steel, all else being equal. The hard metal standing seam system has been around for many years and we offer the original standing seam system with traditional detailing, giving an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst avoiding the industrial finishes found in more recent standing seam systems. McElroy Metals experience technical staff is available to help customize retrofit solutions, so give us a call. Mirage II can be installed over. Once the two panels are engaged, a hand or mechanical seamer bends the edges and locks the panels together. Symmetrical panels are the same on both the left and right sides of the panel. These systems are typically used on lower sloped roofs, often down to :12. This metal roof installation certification is required for the Standard III Warranty and all Single Source Warranties. This class will be held in Bossier City, LA. One of the best parts about standing seam is the option to mount items, such as solar panels, snow retention systems, swamp coolers, or other rooftop addition, without ever penetrating or making any holes in the roof surface. Galvalume steel finished with Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 paint finish is another durable and long-lasting option to explore for a home exposed to salt spray environment, such as beach homes. However, maintaining a standing seam roof is still essential but will likely need to be performed by a professional maintenance contractor. McElroy Metal's mission is to provide anin-depthand meaningful program to educate the participants in several areas: to make sure that they understand the relationships of all the components of our roof systems how our components work together and how to correctly install a weathertight and reliable roof system. These flanges typically have repeating slots every 2-4 to facilitate attachment to the roofing deck, most often plywood. PAC-CLAD architectural panels for standing seam metal roofing systems are produced in factory formed lengths of up to 55 feet. They are considered Hydrokinetic which means that they can keep buildings water tight while water is flowing over them as opposed to the Structural systems which can accomodate water submersion. For example, the1.5 Snap-Lock 550performs better in uplift situations than its not-so-distant cousin, the1.75 Snap-Lock. Additionally, these panels allow contractors to start at any (or multiple) points on the roof providing greater flexibility during installation. Need a bill of materials and an engineered snow guard system? As snow/ice freezes and thaws, it also expands and contracts, which could potentially disengage a snap-lock profile. Double lock systems are good choices for properties in cold weather areas with freezing and thawing. With low-sloped roofs, a hydrostatic system is necessary to ensure the building remains watertight. Curves are in! The exam's "Save and Resume" feature is enabled for the participant's convenience. Interlock's standing seam system has a 17" panel width, a 1-inch seam height, and a maximum height of 26 inches. Stainless steel inlay for aluminium seam-clamps. is prohibited. Mirage II can be installed oversoliddeck or substructural members. A roof seamer is a portable roll forming machine that is used to install mechanically seamed structural standing-seam metal roof panels, as part of an overall metal construction building envelope system. Limited to the first 40 to register . Were here to answer your questions. What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing? By using this site, you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Knowledge of basic metal roofing terminology (i.e. Mechanically seamed systems require the use of a powered seaming machine after panel installation to ensure proper performance. Terms Of Use Its one of the most popular metal roofing styles for homes, thanks to its beauty, durability, longevity, simplicity, versatility, energy efficiency, and its remarkably clean, bold looks. The material used is the Anton McCormick LinkedIn: #traditional #standing #seam #steel #black #cladding #developer T style panels combine the look and functionality of a vertical leg but have a separate batten cap that is then mechanically seamed in place. Standing seam & metal roof systems 60 min 15.03.2023, 14:30-15:30 CET Register now We introduce you to our mounting systems for the different standing seam metal roofings and introduce you to planning with K2 Base. By logging in, you certify that you have read and understand our Calculator License Agreement, Calculator Terms of Use, General Terms of Use, and Test Protocols and are qualified to assess factors of safety and other engineering items. Mirage II is a concealed fastener roofing panels with 8" on-center ribs. Join our blog subscribers and get the latest news. | Insurance and hail damage waivers Its important to note that many home insurance companies offer hail damage waivers, which lower premium prices but waives the insurance company from covering a claim for repairs or replacements caused by hail on a metal roof. Account Manager East Coast Metal Roofing . Standing seam metal roofs can sometimes cost 20% to 30% more to install than metal shingles on more complex roofs. Always make sure to go outdoors often to check your roof for any signs of scratching or scuffing so you can take the appropriate measures to repair it (use a paint pen, call a contractor, or even call the manufacturer). Furthermore, standing seam systems are manufactured from high-end steel or aluminum offering years of low-maintenance service life. Knowledge of roofing terminology (i.e. . This metal roofing system from MBCI is one of the most durable and weather-tight roof systems available in the industry. !! Plus, they: Follow the imperfections of the roof deck, Dont always accept roof clamps for snow retention or solar panels, Are pinned, thus limiting expansion and contraction, Can distort over time if formed in a rollformer where the drive and forming rollers arent separate. Standing seam roofs cost between $10.00 and $20.00 per sq. Standing seam metal roofing is defined as a concealed fastener metal panel system that features vertical legs and a broad, flat area between the two legs. Advantages and disadvantages associated with standing seam metal roofing. Snap-lock panels can be used in any environment as long as theyre installed correctly. A sample itinerary is listed in this brochure that will describe a typical session. If the length of the elZinc trays is under 1.5m, fixed clips can be used throughout. Standing seam metal roofings variety of options and versatility makes it an excellent choice for virtually any building type, including commercial, residential, architectural, structural, and beyond. Single Lock (90-degree seam) Quick Facts: Double Lock (180-degree seam) Quick Facts: A batten panel roofing system is when two legs of the panels are rollformed and then butted up next to one another. We strive to bring versatile easy-to-use rollforming products right to the jobsite. Get 4 Free Quotes From Local Pros: Enter Your Zip Code: Having gone through rigorous testing, a standing seam metal roof system from MBCI is one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry. Standing Seam Roof Installation Certification Class Our new two-day only format course combines classroom lectures with hands-on installation training for SSR Systems. Learn all about working with standing seam metal from Golden Hammer Award winner Paul Ramon with Ramon Roofing. Verification of attendee having been actively involved in the installation of metal building products for a minimum of three years immediately preceding attendance to the course.