I think that job is pretty secure. You can search our content library for case studies, research, industry insights, and more. And, as I get older I learn the things that dont make sense in life arent supposed to because were humans. Show men of color as successful and attractive while white men if you show them at all are fat and stupid. Omg, I just watched TV for an hour and there wasnt 1 white younger female at all. These companies didnt get the message, so now boycotts and canceled subscriptions are hurting their bottom lines. Thank you. Its ridiculous given that white people in my town are the majority, and the majority of the library customers. For instance: the commercial for a deodorant applied to the butt-cheeks where the spokestool says Im not a mathematician but 5/10 is greater than 0/10. ~insipid. You should have a problem. And if you take issue with that statement, look no further than the dozens of shootings that occur every weekend in Chicago, and just yesterday, the gun violence that erupted at a Juneteenth advocacy event in Washington, DC. There is no war against white people. About two years ago I read another article on this subject and one of their points was that even though we are seeing bi-racial couples more and more in tv ads it is nearly always a white man / black woman because, they pointed out, advertisers fear that America is still not comfortable with a white woman / black man couple. Between the low-IQ programs, terrible commercials, and fake corporate news, there isnt much to watch anymore on the old boob tube. She is going to lock him up for decades and then release him? . . Hit them where it hurts their profit margins and tell them why youre leaving. I suggested it as further reading for all. They are members of congress, secretaries of state, vice president of the US and even a black President of the US. Below are industry tips on just a few of the steps that brands can take to make a positive . Some incorrectly say the need to raise funds and the desire to support real diversity puts universities in a bind. Always point the finger at some one else and never accepting responsibility for their actions. I see youve done your research. Ryan Vet, boon, Inc. A content diversity audit can allow your team to review previous content, gather insights and strategize future action, rather than reacting on a whim. Thanks, Kinchan. I laughed at the commercial showing a black upper middle class family cooking Smores in their backyard. 5% dont practice any religion. When exactly does a human thing become a black or white thing? Brave white men fight and win wars defending freedoms but the woke in hollywood abuses that freedom and shuts them out and replaces them with blacks and asians. In Opinion: Survey Says: Americans Are Dumber Than a Bag of Rocks, writer Jim Thompson cites a study that shows just how out of whack peoples perceptions are regarding the size of different populations by income, race, religion, gender identity, and more all due to the agenda-driven programming we are being force-fed on TV. Instead, most advertisers commitment to diversity is a shrill, cynical, and superficial charade dressed up in lip service and lofty corporate values that amount to precisely fuck-all when in fact, these companies with their gigantic ad budgets are in a unique position to actually do something positive for their customers, their country, and the public at large. I dont own slaves and neither did any of my ancestors (poor immigrants). White, yes. And I 100% agree with what you said about the relationship between art, truth, and propaganda. Theres a lot of that in Hollywoodin Die Hard you have the evil blonde bad guy. We need to go back to where white men were portrayed honestly and accurately as being masculine and strong. Protest, boycott, call, write letters. Do the stories you read there measure up to the advertising portrayal? Its ridiculous. And I see it clear as day and constantly find myself defending straight White men. And they think they can fix racism by depicting black people as cultured, educated, successful, and harmless. As a marketer, I understand that maybe advertisers are trying to reach new customer groups. Your comment about the blacks throwing a fit when a white police officer kills a black person, kills me! Everything is everybodys fault except for theirs ask all the black prisoners in prison! Just curious; has anyone actually done the math? Sure you might have a few exceptions here and there, but sometimes stereotypes are actually true. They are Boomer V2.0.only twice as insufferable since they lack the experience and context behind the 1960s cultural revolution and overthrow accomplished by their creators. I think it is multifactorial but I see globalist propaganda as the main force. Its becoming like the Soviet Union where art creation was greatly restricted to party members and those who followed the narrow political agenda. If you notice, the actors playing Bond have gotten shorter and less masculine over time. We have all forgotten that the fall of the Roman Empire, and every great civilization that has risen and fallen, was the result of sexual deviation and perversion. This organic, truthful approach will seem more genuine. The blatant portrayal that the white woman has washed her hands of the white man is wrong and must not continue. Nowadays, however, a lot of this women-and-minorities-everywhere-at-the-exclusion-of-white-males is over-the-top pandering at best. some complain about the fast food ads, and some (or ONE person who wrote an opinion piece?) Oh, Im afraid the NHL isnt just being picked on its own-goaling itself. But plenty of great players who were also well loved have had a final match prior to retirement. Every other commercial shows father/daughter interaction. Its the only effect Ive personally seen. Are advertising people those unassailable paragons of virtue we all know them to be attempting to assuage their guilty consciences for all the systemic racism they see in every nook, cranny, and crevice of America by meeting some kind of quota? . Interesting, RPD. This cheap advertising is called Video Ad Creative. This seems like an attack on God and the Bible, and without gender dysphoria, the idea of choosing what gender I feel like being for fun seems childish, confusing, and narcissistic most of all. Political correctness is whats gotten us here in the first place, Thor. Blm and its little followers are trying to take over the world and that will NEVER HAPPEN!! They dont care that Blacks are dying everyday at the hands of other Blacks. By doing so you are only infuriating the general public. You might be interested in this article at Real Clear Politics titled Its Time to Acknowledge Anti-White Racism. Check the part where the author notes that the very definition of racism has undergone a radical change (this according to a new eighth-grade education textbook foisted upon students in the Albemarle County (Virginia) School District. It should be pretty easy to find bad reviews for companies whove broken their promises. At last, just recently, it seems that people are pushing back. Opinion: Forced diversity is ruining your favorite forms of entertainment We need media companies to focus more on inclusion, less on checking boxes The changing face of TV. Stop this daily unfair portrayal of white males. Also, another very subtle message was an ad that had Grandma and Grandpa sitting in the backyard with their grandson and granddaughter running towards them. Slavery is the original sin of Americans founding, and we are paying for it over and over again, from the Civil War to affirmative action and now to the over-representation of blacks in TV and print ads. I think its funny imaging these losers making 6-7+ figures/yr patting themselves on the back for paying a black actor (probably less than they used to pay whites) to be in their boring commercials as if that can assuage their guilt. Listen I know she is one of the best players ever, and I know this might be her last professional appearance. Im of the belief that our brains wont simply rewire from group and gather tendencies, no matter how hard we try. That equates to about 3% of the poster images. We also noticed several auto agencies running the same awful holiday ads from the year before were looking at you Ford Trucks. If I didnt know better, Id say it almost feels like many of these commercials were written with white people in mind, and then black actors were hired for the sake of diversity.. Fake advertising, Bob? It's never a mixture of an Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Middle eastern men or women in any of these interracial relationships. See all Cranky ad reviews | Go back to blog home page | Subscribe for free. Although both are paying a price for it, the losses in revenue are apparently seen merely as an investment toward the cause. Giving in to these groups of people and cults. . I do not need to go outside in my front yard and scream to the world I AM GAY!!! Social media and advertising cookies of third parties are used to offer you social media functionalities and personalized ads. What happened to ALL the white people in ads. Always appreciate your thoughtful comments. Together, the masculine and feminine complement one another in ways that only nature could have devised. But when a black man (also most likely on psych drugs) does the same thing, somehow his race and toxic masculinity are never mentioned. Have you seen Zucks Avatar? Good. You pretty much have to go to the outdoors/hunting/fishing channels for that. And I have lots of hypotheses on why but have yet to finalize my theory. The moment I see one, I immediately switch to a different channel. And who are they? I hate to say, but I think it truly fuels the fire for even more racism. Fake green and inclusion narratives? Reflect the realness of your customers in every ad and diversity will naturally follow. It seems that since the BLM movement really took off in 2020 the advertisers are falling over themselves to be more diverse than the next one. And the Asian mixes. Yes, I too believe this is an agenda for some, and not just in advertising, either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sister We all have different backgrounds that make us who we are. Anti racism is still racism. In some cases, these cookies involve the processing of your personal data. I actually think its more nefarious. Here is link to study. My wife and I have been noticing this trend increasing (obviously in the wake of #me-too and George Floyd) and have been calling bullshit on it since. Answer: An example would be a school district forcing kids to stop going to their closest local public school and being bussed half an hour or more to a lesser quality school in a bad neighborhood, all for the sake of trying to make the student population in their schools more diverse. In fact, theres an article over at Redstate that proves your point exactly using the very same analogy. Say, did you see that someone blew up the Georgia Guidestones the other day? Ive known people who lamented on how much time and money they had spent (especially the early morning drives to practice) to support their kid who wanted to play hockey. Do you accept these cookies and the processing of personal data involved? I am sad that white people are not represented in TV commercials. Too bad for them, then, that thoughtful and measured comments like yours, and so many others on this page, prove emphatically that we are not. And I am CONVINCED this is due to SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS and PACs and ACTIVISTS. Those forces are not invisible, just flying under the general radar. As a white person, and proud of it, my race and history is being erased. For now, the only thing equitable about all this is how equally insulting it is to everyone. What about The China loving NBA or the NFL? Its all such a bunch of crap because the WOKE folks have taken over. NEITHER of these black democrats who blame whites for everything bad had GIVEN HOMES or anything that I know of to POOR BLACKS they PRETEND to care about. As with the Universe, there is a great mass of different forces here. Because racism is OK when its a minority group thats doing it. 25% Jewish? Thats perfectly normal! Omgggggg now the woke tards are picking on the NHL? Further, there has been an increase in the ethnic diversity of the marketing teams of ANA member companies the most significant growth of ethnic diversity in the five-year history of this report! Drop me a comment or an email anytime! In Europe they didnt have a problem with a blonde male lead who was strong-looking. Now imagine how much I loathe the crap thats being dished out in all forms of media, but especially commercial advertising. And if the definition of racist necessarily requires holding a position of power, then tell me who has power over the hearts and minds of our kids en masse through public institutions and entertainment propaganda: A. rappers, celebrities, certain unnamed conglomerates who happen to operate a HUGE segment of childrens programming, et all? I was not brought up like that. That black Americans wouldnt be able to vote if they cant mail in their votes because they would have no way to get to a voting booth on election day, or that there are no bus routes to some voting booths, as if black Americans can only use public transport and dont own vehicles. I kept scrolling and scrolling until it felt like I was inside The Truman Show and the producers were playing some kind of weird joke on me to see how I would react. You are exactly right that advertisers are concerned about violence and how loud they are, that explains why the majority of commercials are full of black people and not anywhere near as many Hispanics/Asians. Making it seem like 50% or 60% of the population are wealthy interracial couples which as we all know is very far from being accurate. And this is what the world sees. Check out GoDaddy site, if you find a white person, is like a needle in a haystack. Not like I am an advocate for blonde men or anything but more just an observation. Of course, portraying people properly would require advertisers to have real respect for different races and cultures, and a genuine desire to give more than lip service to the prime directives of diversity and inclusivity. One of the things that concerns me most about this topic is how many brainwashed people are so eager to dismiss us the people who dare to speak out about the ridiculous mishandling of representation in advertising, entertainment, etc. As a fellow white male who judges others by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, and who has worked his ass off to get where hes gotten, I agree: the endless portrayals of white men as stumbling, bumbling fools and the foils for characters of other races in advertising is insulting, unfair, and perpetrated by hypocrites. Im talking about ads in which we could all really see ourselves. There is positively an endgame to complete the destruction of the west underlying all of this. Alas, the way advertisers misrepresent their audiences insults us all. Black men in commercials are all very handsome, tall, athletic, and competent. Predictably, not one person had the courage to comment. But if they are patient enough, they will finally find this one What Works For Diversity And What Doesn't? If you are paying attention, you will see that there is a growing faction of people, both white and nonwhite, who are actively cheering on the ethnic and cultural erasure of white people. To your point, I turned on Netflix the other day and literally EVERY promotional image in the suggested movies list was filled with nonwhite faces. That said, I think you expressed yourself quite well. The intended audience is upper middle class white suburbanites who feel guilty about being upper middle class white suburbanites. Where are the Asians? Trying to be politically correct. Ive noticed that even traditional male subjects like weightlifting, pickup trucks, etc. She told him, Sir, Ben Franklin Savings has assets of over 6 billion dollars. One last point. I am a pasty white Irish girl with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes and I never see anyone who looks like me in any media anymore anywhere. Do you think they diminish celebrating Ramadan because of the Christian minority? Wait until you see my Broadway production of an all WHITE Porgy and Bess!! Exactly everything Ive been thinking and seeing too. I always enjoy your comments, Criswell, and this may be your best yet. boston convention center south parking lot, commander support staff psd guide, tondo barangay map,